Ranking the Top 10 2nd basemen in the MLB

10. Josh Harrison – Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

Josh Harrison is the type of player that isn’t great at much, but he is very good at doing many things. He has proven that he same power as he hit 16 home runs last season and he also had a .272 decent batting average in 2017. Also, he has some good speed as he stole 12 bases for the Pirates in 2017 and he provides tremendous energy for the team. The one thing that he doesn’t do particularly well is defense as he sometimes struggles with routine plays, but he makes up for it with some spectacular plays that he makes on defense.

9. Scooter Gennett – Team: Cincinnati Reds

Scooter Gennett has been a utility player for most of his career, but that all changed last season when he had a breakout year for the Cincinnati Reds. Gennett proved that he was one of the most dangerous threats in the Reds lineup as he hit 27 home runs and had a .295 batting average. He had never been much of a power hitter prior to last season so it is interesting that his offensive ability improved so dramatically last season. Gennett doesn’t do much else besides offense as he is a below average defender and baserunner. We’ll see if he can continue his success offensively from last season, but for now he deserves to be on this list because of what he did in 2017.

8. Jed Lowrie – Team: Oakland Athletics

Jed Lowrie has struggled to stay healthy throughout his career, but when he is healthy he can be a very quality starting 2nd baseman. Lowrie hit 14 home runs last season for Oakland which shows that he only has average power. However, he doesn’t strike out much and he is a good contact hitter as he hit for a .277 average last season. Lowrie is just an average defender, though overall he does many things well and that is why he is on this list.

7. DJ LeMahieu – Team: Colorado Rockies

DJ LeMahieu is one of the most underrated players in the entire MLB as he gets overshadowed by his teammates Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon. However, LeMahieu has established himself as a terrific 2nd baseman because he does many things very well. He doesn’t hit for much power at all as he only had 8 home runs last season for the Rockies, but he is a consistent contact hitter as he had an impressive .310 batting average. LeMahieu also provides terrific play defensively at 2nd base as he makes the routine plays look easy and he can also make some great plays on defense as well. Overall, LeMahieu does many things well, but he just doesn’t receive enough credit for everything that he does.

6. Whit Merrifield – Team: Kansas City Royals

Whit Merrifield had a breakout year in 2017 as he provided help in many aspects for the Royals. He provided some power on offense as he had 19 home runs, yet he also had a solid .288 batting average. However, Merrifield also provides tremendous speed as he proved last season with 34 stolen bases. Merrifield doesn’t always make the routine plays on defense, but his speed and athleticism helps to make up for it. We’ll see if Merrifield can pick up where he left off and have a good 2018 season, but he does many things well which is why he is so high up on this list.

5. Robinson Cano – Team: Seattle Mariners

Robinson Cano had a down year in 2017 as he only hit 23 home runs which by his standards isn’t very much, although he still was a good contact hitter with a .280 average. Those are still really good offensive numbers, but he wasn’t nearly as good as he been throughout his career. Cano also still provides very good defense as he makes the routine plays look easy, but he is slower than he used to be so he doesn’t have much ranger to make really good plays. Cano has been a terrific all-around 2nd baseman for a long time and he continues to be an elite player even as he enters the late stages of his career.

4. Daniel Murphy – Team: Washington Nationals

Daniel Murphy proved once again in 2017 why he is one of the best hitters in the entire MLB as he had a terrific .322 batting average while also showing off his power with 23 home runs. Murphy is a dangerous threat in the Nationals lineup, but he doesn’t provide much else. Murphy is basically a liability on defense as he doesn’t have much range or athleticism, but he at least makes the routine plays usually. He is a terrific offensive player, but he will never move up on this list until his defense improves.

3. Brian Dozier – Team: Minnesota Twins

Brian Dozier is consistently a very good 2nd baseman especially offensively as he hit .269 with 34 home runs last season. It is difficult to find any 2nd baseman that has as much power as Dozier has and he provides some good baserunning skills as well since he surprisingly had 16 stolen bases last season. Dozier isn’t a great defender, but he is still an above average defensive player which is why he is one of the best all-around 2nd baseman in the game.

2. Jonathan Schoop – Team: Baltimore Orioles

Jonathan Schoop has always been a very good 2nd baseman, but he really became a star player last season for the Orioles. Schoop had a career year with 32 home runs and an impressive .293 batting average as well. Schoop also showed that he can be a good defender at 2nd base. Schoop is only 26 years old, so he has quite a bright future ahead of him with Baltimore especially if he continues to hit like he has.

1. Jose Altuve – Team: Houston Astros

There is really nothing that Jose Altuve doesn’t do very well and that is why he is arguably the best player in the entire MLB. Altuve has always been a terrific contact hitter and he took that to the next level last season with an outstanding .346 batting average. However, the one thing that has really put him over the top is his ability to hit home runs as he tied a career-high with 24 last season which is really impressive considering his small size. Also, Altuve is a good defender and he is a terrific baserunner as well as he stole 32 bases last season. There is absolutely nothing that Altuve is not good at which is why he is definitely a top 3 player in the MLB.


Ranking the Top 10 1st basemen in the MLB

10. Logan Morrison – Team: Currently a free agent

Logan Morrison has had a very inconsistent MLB career, but he had a remarkable 2017 season which is why he sneaks onto this list. He showed off his elite power as he hit 38 home runs for the Rays last season, but he still struggled to make contact with the baseball as he only had a .246 batting average. Morrison isn’t a good defender at all, but he did improve in that area slightly last season. It is kind of surprising that he is still a free agent considering the year that he had in 2018, but he could be a very good bargain signing for a team in need of a 1st baseman.

9. Justin Smoak – Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Justin Smoak is another 1st baseman that has had an inconsistent career, although he had a remarkable 2018 season for the Blue Jays. He showed the elite power that he possesses as he had 38 home runs last season. However, the key to his new success in 2017 was that he was making contact more often and striking out less which led to a respectable .270 batting average. Smoak isn’t a very good defender, but he normally makes the plays that he is supposed to and his offensive abilities make the Blue Jays lineup much more dangerous.

8. Ryan Zimmerman – Team: Washington Nationals

Ryan Zimmerman has always had talent, but the issue for him is that he hasn’t been able to stay healthy consistently. However, Zimmerman was healthy last season and the results showed as he had the best year of his career with a .303 average and 36 home runs. Zimmerman is 33 years old, so he may begin to regress rather soon, but his offensive ability is still very good. The one area that he really struggles with is defense as he made way too many errors last season and that is also a reason that he is lower on this list.

7. Cody Bellinger – Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Cody Bellinger came out of nowhere to become an elite player last season as he hit .267 with 39 home runs for the Dodgers while winning the NL rookie of the year award. Bellinger also played pretty good defense at 1st base so he has quickly become one of the best all-around 1st baseman in the MLB. He deserves to be a top 5 1st baseman for sure after what he did last season, but he is lower on this list because he will have to prove that he can do it again in 2018 if he wants to move up on the list.

6. Eric Hosmer – Team: Currently a Free Agent

Eric Hosmer is due for a major payday after the terrific year that he had with the Royals last season as he hit .318 with 25 home runs. Hosmer is a free agent right now, but he will likely be signing a new big contract very soon. Hosmer does everything well offensively as he makes good contact and he can provide solid power ability as well. He isn’t a very good defender, but he is an elite offensive player and he can help any team that signs him.

5. Freddie Freeman – Team: Atlanta Braves

Freddie Freeman is one of the most consistent players offensively when he is healthy as he had an impressive .307 average with 28 home runs for the Braves last season. Freeman is also a very good defender, although he did struggle a little bit more than usual in that area last season. Freeman is the one consistent hitter that the Braves have and he is clearly the most dangerous threat that they have in their lineup.

4. Jose Abreu – Team: Chicago White Sox

Jose Abreu has become one of the elite hitters in the MLB as he provides both tremendous power and he makes good contact with the bat as well. In fact, Abreu hit 33 home runs and had a .304 batting average last season for the White Sox. Abreu also made an improvement on defense last season and that is what makes him a lock to be a top 5 1st baseman in the MLB. Abreu is by far the best player that the White Sox have on their team right now and it is a shame that he is putting up those kinds of numbers for a team that is in a rebuild mode.

3. Anthony Rizzo – Team: Chicago Cubs

Anthony Rizzo seems to do everything very well as he clearly is a tremendous offensive player as he hit .273 with 32 home runs last season for the Cubs. Rizzo is a very patient hitter which is why he walked more than he struck out last season. However, he also has terrific power as he can hit 30 home runs in a season relatively easily. Also, Rizzo is a terrific defender and that is the main reason that is he is so high up on this list because he is such a well-rounded player.

2. Paul Goldschmidt – Team: Arizona Diamondbacks

Paul Goldschmidt is not just one of the best 1st baseman in the MLB, but he is one of the best players in the entire MLB as he is seemingly an MVP candidate every year. Goldschmidt provides great power as he hit 36 home runs last season for Arizona, but also he makes contact with the bat consistently as he hit .297 in 2017. Goldschmidt can also say that he might be the best defensive 1st baseman in the entire MLB and he is a terrific baserunner as well as he stole 18 bases last season.

1. Joey Votto – Team: Cincinnati Reds

Joey Votto just somehow continues to be arguably the best hitter in the MLB as he showed off his power while hitting 36 home runs last season for the Reds. Also, he proved that he is the most patient hitter in baseball as he walked 51 more times than he struck out and he ended up with an impressive .320 batting average. Votto also improved his defense tremendously and there really isn’t much that he can’t do. Votto is clearly one of the top players in baseball, but it is unfortunate that he has wasted the best years of his career on a bad Cincinnati Reds team.

Top 5 Free Agent Centers and their projected landing spot

  1. Ryan Jensen – Old Team: Baltimore Ravens

Ryan Jensen has come out of nowhere to quietly become one of the best starting centers in the entire NFL. The Ravens will likely make a strong push to re-sign Jensen before free agency even begins. However, if Jensen does reach free agency then there will likely be a bidding war for Jensen and the Ravens probably won’t want to retain him if the cost becomes too ridiculous. The Bills and the Jets seem like the best landing spots for Jensen considering that they both have a major need for a starting center. However, the Jets have the most cap space out of these teams and that will give them the upper hand since they probably will overpay in order to sign him. Jensen would seriously stabilize the Jets offensive line and he would be a perfect fit to fill the shoes of longtime center Nick Mangold who was released prior to last season.

Projected Landing Spot: New York Jets

2. Weston Richburg – Old Team: New York Giants

The New York Giants offensive line has been a mess for years, but the one consistent player on that offensive line has been starting center Weston Richburg. He is very unlikely to re-sign with the Giants since he could probably make more money elsewhere in free agency. Some teams that could be interested includes the Lions and 49ers as both teams have a need for a starting center. Richburg fits best with the 49ers though as they have plenty of cap space remaining and they are looking to stabilize their offensive line to help protect Jimmy Garoppolo. Richburg is a very quality starting center and he would provide some stability to the 49ers interior offensive line.

Projected Landing Spot: San Francisco 49ers

3. John Sullivan – Old Team: Los Angeles Rams

It may come as a surprise, but John Sullivan was actually a top-10 center in the NFL according to pro football focus. Sullivan is 32 years old, so he won’t be paid as much or receive as long of a contract as the top two centers on this list, yet he can still be a very valuable player for many teams even if he is only a short-term solution. There are many teams that could sign him if he hits free agency. However, the Rams still seem like the best fit for Sullivan. The Rams offensive line wouldn’t be nearly the same without him and he provides a good veteran presence for a rather young Rams offense. It might take quite a bit of money to retain him, but it is worth it because of his outstanding impact on the team.

Projected Landing Spot: Los Angeles Rams

4. Spencer Long – Old Team: Washington Redskins

Spencer Long is another quality center that doesn’t get much attention and he is a very underrated player that should be able to be signed at a cheap price. Long could come back to the Redskins since he has been a decent player for him and their offensive line wouldn’t be as stable without him. However, there are also other teams including maybe the Lions or the Bengals that might be willing to sign him. Cincinnati seems like the best fit though as they are contstantly looking for bargain deals in free agency and Long could be a good bargain deal. Long would probably be an upgrade for the Bengals at center and it would allow them to use the draft for other positions of need.

Projected Landing Spot: Cincinnati Bengals

5. Travis Swanson – Old Team: Detroit Lions

Travis Swanson didn’t have a very good season in 2017 and he has struggled tremendously with injuries recently. The Lions could just decide to move on from Swanson considering his injuries and recent inconsistent play or they could bring him back at a bargain price. However, it is likely that Swanson finds a new home in free agency and one good fit could be the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo recently had their star center Eric Wood retire and now they have a major void to fill at the position. Travis Swanson gives them a center with some upside and also a center that can provide some temporary stability to the position at a cheap price.

Projected Landing Spot: Buffalo Bills

Top 5 Free Agent Offensive Tackles and their projected landing spot

  1. Nate Solder – Old Team: New England Patriots

Nate Solder isn’t really an elite left tackle, but he is a very quality starting offensive tackle and he should certainly get paid like one this offseason. Finding a good starting left tackle is very hard to do those days, so Solder will certainly attract a lot of interest from teams if he makes free agency. However, I’m not sure that he will even be able to test free agency as the Patriots could very well sign him to a long-term deal. Solder has been a reliable pass protector for franchise quarterback Tom Brady and it isn’t as if it will be easy to replace Solder if he leaves. New England needs to re-sign Solder because the other options for them to replace him just aren’t very appealing.

Projected Landing Spot: New England Patriots

2. Justin Pugh – Old Team: New York Giants

Justin Pugh is a good starting right tackle, but he also can be a very good starting guard as well which means a team could sign him to play either position. That reason is why Pugh will be such a sought after free agent by teams that need offensive line help. It doesn’t appear that he will be returning to the Giants as they probably aren’t able to afford him and he can have a more defined role with another team. There are several teams that could be interested in him, but the team that stands out is the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay has a major void at right guard and he could fill in at that position and make an impact immediately. However, the right tackle position is also somewhat of a need as Bryan Bulaga has struggled with injuries in his career. Either way, the versatility that Pugh provides fits the Packers perfectly and he would provide some much needed stability to their offensive line.

Projected Landing Spot: Green Bay Packers

3. Cameron Fleming – Old Team: New England Patriots

Cameron Fleming has mostly been a backup for the Patriots, but he has played well when he has been called upon to start like when he was the starting right tackle late last season. Fleming is still young and he could probably find a place to be a starting offensive tackle rather than being the 3rd option at tackle for the Patriots. The market is unclear for Fleming at this point, but there will certainly be teams interested in him considering his age and productivity last season. One team that could make sense to sign Fleming is the New York Jets. New York has an abundance of cap space this offseason and they need to find some help all along the offensive line. Fleming could be a solution at either offensive tackle position, but there is a chance that the Jets could overpay Fleming in order to make him their new left tackle.

Projected Landing Spot: New York Jets

4. Chris Hubbard – Old Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Hubbard proved his worth last season as a replacement for Marcus Gilbert at right tackle for most of last season. Hubbard could go back to the Steelers in order to keep providing much needed depth for the team at the offensive tackle position. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if some team makes Hubbard a starting right tackle considering that he played well in that role last season. One team that could take a chance on Hubbard is the Chicago Bears who have a need at the right tackle position. They currently have Bobby Massie as their starting right tackle right now, but he has been very inconsistent for the Bears. Hubbard might not be a starter for the Bears if they sign him, although he would at least provide some competition for the starting right tackle spot in 2018.

Projected Landing Spot: Chicago Bears

5. Andre Smith – Old Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Andre Smith probably shouldn’t be a starting offensive tackle at this point in his career, but he is still a quality backup and he can fill-in as a starter for teams in need of a right tackle. Smith could return to the Bengals since they probably give him the best opportunity to start. However, Cincinnati will probably upgrade at right tackle and they will likely just move on from Smith. The one team where he would fit well is with the Dallas Cowboys. They use their backup offensive tackles very effectively and Smith could be a good new swing tackle for the team. Smith probably won’t be a starter for Dallas, but he at least provides some much needed depth and a somewhat reliable fill-in if needed.

Projected Landing Spot: Dallas Cowboys

Top 5 Free Agent Guards and their projected landing spot

1. Andrew Norwell – Old Team: Carolina Panthers

There are many teams that need interior offensive line help in the NFL these days, but the issue is that there aren’t many quality starting guards to go around. However, the one starting guard that is about to start a major bidding war is Andrew Norwell who is set to be by far the best guard on the free agent market. Norwell is a terrific player as proven by his all-pro honor this past season with the Panthers. Carolina is definitely interested in re-signing Norwell, but the issue is that they probably won’t have enough cap space to be able to do so. That means Norwell is likely set to test free agency this offseason and there will surely be plenty of teams willing to give out a massive contract to him. However, there is one team that particularly sticks out and that is the New York Giants. The Giants have been in need of offensive line help for awhile and this would be a very good signing for them in order to finally stabilize their offensive line. Also, Norwell has a connection to newly-hired offensive coordinator Mike Shula who was the Panthers offensive coordinator last season. Norwell could help many teams, but the Giants seem like a very logical fit considering they have been in need of some help on their offensive line for years.

Projected Landing Spot: New York Giants

2. Zach Fulton – Old Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Zach Fulton is one of the most underrated guards in the NFL and he has beeen a very durable starter for the Chiefs as well. Fulton might be an under-the-radar player, but he is likely to get paid this offseason especially since many teams need at least one starting guard. The Chiefs might not be able to re-sign Fulton since there are many teams with much more cap money that will be able to outbid the Chiefs. One team to watch out for though is the Buffalo Bills as they have a need at guard and at center. The good news is that Fulton is able to be a starter at either of those positions. Fulton would immediately be an upgrade at those positions for the Bills as he is a terrific pass-blocker and a good run-blocker as well.

Projected Landing Spot: Buffalo Bills

3. Jack Mewhort – Old Team: Indianapolis Colts

Mewhort has been a very reliable guard for the Colts, but his issue is that he just can’t stay healthy. He probably won’t get a very long-term deal in free agency since he has struggled with injuries recently. However, he could be an upgrade for many teams in need of a starting guard. The Bills and Vikings are just a couple of possible fits for Mewhort, yet Minnesota seems like the best fit overall. Minnesota has a need for some interior offensive line help and getting Mewhort at a reasonable price could help them address other needs like at the quarterback position.

Projected Landing Spot: Minnesota Vikings

4. Josh Kline – Old Team: Tennessee Titans

Josh Kline is an above average starting guard, but he draw tons of interest from many teams in free agency since he could be a bargain signing at the guard position. Kline could re-sign with the Titans as he at least provides some stability at guard for the team. However, it is more likely that he will end up elsewhere this offseason as teams that have cap issues or teams that are just too cheap could want to sign Kline. Some teams that could be interested in him include the Cowboys, Falcons, and Bengals. The Bengals seem like the best fit on that list as they need tons of offensive line help and they won’t be able to fill all of their offensive line needs in the draft. Kline would be an immediate upgrade as he is a good run-blocker and most importantly for the Bengals, it won’t cost much to sign him.

Projected Landing Spot: Cincinnati Bengals

5. Jonathan Cooper – Old Team: Dallas Cowboys

Jonathan Cooper revived his career in a major way for the Cowboys as he was a good starting guard for them last season. However, the one concern for Cooper right now is that he was injured late in the season and he just had knee surgery. Cooper should be ready for the beginning of training camp, but his injury will likely lower his free agent value. Cooper can still be a good depth option at guard though and he could even be a decent starter for a team in need of a guard. Dallas could re-sign Cooper considering the success that he had for the team in 2017. However, the one team that he could end up with in free agency is the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta has a big need at right guard as Wes Schweitzer proved that he isn’t the answer at that position, but Cooper could provide some competition for that starting spot and it likely won’t cost much at all to sign him.

Projected Landing Spot: Atlanta Falcons

Top 5 Free Agent Tight Ends and their projected landing spot

1. Jimmy Graham – Old Team: Seattle Seahawks

Jimmy Graham is still considered a top tight end in the NFL as he proved with his 10 touchdowns for the Seahawks last season. It is difficult to find a player like Graham that is very big and also very athletically gifted. Graham never really seemed like he fit into the Seahawks run-first offense and it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll return to the team considering the cap space issues that Seattle has. However, Graham will be a coveted player in free agency as teams like the Bears, 49ers, or Texans could be a possible landing spot. The one team that makes the most sense though is the San Francisco 49ers as they are looking for an upgrade at the tight end position. San Francisco found their franchise QB and now they are trying to surround him with more weapons on offense. The 49ers certainly have plenty of cap space to use in order to sign Graham and if they do then it would make the NFC West a lot more interesting next season and it would give the 49ers a much needed threat in the passing game.

Projected Landing Spot: San Francisco 49ers

2. Tyler Eifert – Old Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Tyler Eifert is just as talented as any other tight end in the NFL and he has proven that he can be a pro-bowl caliber player. However, injuries have been a major issue for Eifert and it has really held his NFL career from reaching its full potential. Eifert likely won’t get a very long-term deal this offseason because of his difficulty staying healthy, but he could be a bargain for a team in need of a starting tight end. He could end up with a team like the Seahawks since they are prepared to lose Jimmy Graham in free agency. However, the best fit for Eifert is for him to stay with Cincinnati at least for one more year and rebuild his value before hopefully becoming a coveted free agent next offseason. Eifert has a terrific connection with quarterback Andy Dalton already and we know what Eifert can provide the Bengals passing game when he is healthy. The Bengals are known as a team that constantly looks for bargains in free agency and they should look no further than the bargain that they could get by re-signing Eifert.

Projected Landing Spot: Cincinnati Bengals

3. Austin Seferian-Jenkins – Old Team: New York Jets

There is no doubt that Seferian-Jenkins is an extremely talented tight end, but injuries and off-the-field concerns have hurt his NFL career considerably. He seems to have turned his career around with the Jets and he has become a decent NFL tight end. However, his market will still likely be very limited because of concerns about what has happened in the past and I’m not sure that there will be another team that is willing to take a chance on him. His best fit is to stay with the Jets on a short-term deal since he has revived his career with them and they provide him with the best opportunity for playing time.

Projected Landing Spot: New York Jets

4. Trey Burton – Old Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Trey Burton was buried for years on the Philadelphia Eagles depth chart with the team having Zach Ertz and Brent Celek at the tight end position. However, Burton was a very productive player when he was given his opportunity and he had 5 touchdowns this season which is impressive for a backup tight end. Burton likely won’t return to the Eagles since he might be able to find a bigger role elsewhere with teams like the 49ers or Bears. The Chicago Bears seem like the best fit for Burton as they need a new starting tight end after the devastating injury last season to starter Zach Miller. Burton is a very good receiving tight end and he would provide the Bears with a weapon in the passing game at a very cheap cost.

Projected Landing Spot: Chicago Bears

5. Antonio Gates – Old Team: Los Angeles Chargers

It is a shame that Gates is this low on any list considering the remarkable career that he has had for the Chargers franchise. However, Gates is about to turn 38 years old and he clearly his NFL career is nearing an end. Gates could just decide to retire this offseason or he could return on a 1 or 2 year deal. He has spent his entire career with the Chargers and although Hunter Henry has clearly surpassed him on the depth chart, it would be devastating to see him sign with another team. Gates should just stay in Los Angeles as the backup tight end and end his hall-of-fame career with the franchise that he has always been with.

Projected Landing Spot: Los Angeles Chargers

Top 5 Free Agent Wide Receivers and their projected landing spot

1. Jarvis Landry – Old Team: Miami Dolphins

Jarvis Landry surprisingly led the entire NFL with 112 receptions last season which is crazy since he had Jay Cutler throwing him the ball most of the time. Landry is in line for a massive payday especially considering that he is by far the most accomplished wide receiver available on the free agent market. Landry could return to the Dolphins and they certainly want him back since he is the only real star player that the team has on offense. However, there are teams like the Browns, Bears, and Ravens that all need wide receivers and they could have heavy interest in him. The team that he fits the most though is the Baltimore Ravens. It is no secret that Baltimore really wants to sign him as they tried desperately to trade for him last year. The Ravens barely have anything at the wide receiver position heading into next season and they really need a dynamic playmaker that can provide a spark on offense. Landry is the threat in the passing game that the Ravens really need and they would likely pay tons of money in order to sign him.

Projected Landing Spot: Baltimore Ravens

2. Sammy Watkins – Old Team: Los Angeles Rams

Sammy Watkins hasn’t lived up to the hype at the NFL level and he certainly shouldn’t be a number 1 receiver for any NFL team. However, he is still only 24 years old and he has proven that he can be a dynamic playmaker at times. There are many teams like the Titans, Ravens, and Bears that could all have interest in him if he hits free agency. The rumor is though that the Rams aren’t quite willing to give up on Watkins yet even though they already have Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp at the receiver position. Watkins isn’t a great possession receiver, but he gives the Rams a true deep threat. We’ll see if the two sides can reach an agreement before free agency begins, but Watkins is still a good fit for the Rams.

Projected Landing Spot: Los Angeles Rams

3. Allen Robinson – Old Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Allen Robinson is just as talented as Jarvis Landry is, but the reason that he is lower on this list is because he is coming off of a torn ACL that he suffered last season. Robinson should be ready in time for the 2018 season, yet there are still some concerns that he might not be the same when he comes back. Robinson will likely need to take a 1-year deal in order to prove that he is still the same player that he was before and he likely won’t make too much money in free agency. However, Robinson is still worth the risk for many NFL teams because he is a proven number 1 wide receiver. Robinson will certainly generate interest from many teams in need of a wide receiver like the 49ers, Redskins, and Bears. However, it is best if Robinson just stays in Jacksonville since he already has a good connection with QB Blake Bortles and the team needs some serious help at the receiver position. Robinson should just sign a 1-year deal with the team and see if he can be a pro-bowl caliber receiver once again and hopefully be in line for a big payday next offseason.

Projected Landing Spot: Jacksonville Jaguars

4. John Brown – Old Team: Arizona Cardinals

John Brown has proven that he can be a dynamic receiver at times, but he has also proven that he struggles to stay healthy. Brown can be a decent number 2 wide receiver for many NFL teams, yet he just hasn’t been consistent enough to really cause a bidding war for his services. There are many teams like the 49ers, Bears, and Titans that have a void at wide receiver and they could use his services. The Cardinals could also decide to re-sign him this offseason since they wouldn’t have much left at wide receiver if he leaves. However, the team that makes the most sense is the San Francisco 49ers as they have a need for a couple of wide receivers. Brown would provide them with a good 2nd or 3rd option in the passing game and the 49ers likely wouldn’t have to pay much in order to sign him.

Projected Landing Spot: San Francisco 49ers

5. Paul Richardson – Old Team: Seattle Seahawks

Paul Richardson is one of the most intriguing free agents at any position this offseason mostly because he is a young player that still has an unknown potential. Richardson never really got the chance to prove himself with the Seahawks as the team didn’t use him much in the passing game. However, when he was used, Richardson showed flashes of tremendous potential as he made some ridiculous catches in the past couple of years for the Seahawks. Richardson just doesn’t seem to fit well in the Seahawks offense which is why it’s very likely that he will be finding new team for the 2018 season. A few teams that he could be a fit for are the Bears, Cowboys, and Ravens. The one team that he fits the most though is the Chicago Bears. Richardson would be a good 3rd option for that team in the passing game and they have the patience to develop him and hopefully turn him into the very good receiver that he has the potential to be. Also, Richardson hasn’t had much production in his NFL career, so it is likely that the Bears could get him for a bargain price.

Projected Landing Spot: Chicago Bears