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Chiefs sign Watkins to a 3-year deal

The Kansas City Chiefs made a huge splash in free agency on Tuesday as they signed the top receiver available Sammy Watkins to a 3-year/$48 million deal. Watkins hasn’t lived up to his potential since being the 4th overall pick by the Bills in the 2014 draft. He has struggled to stay healthy throughout his career and he hasn’t been very consistent. However, Watkins is still only 24 years old and he has plenty of potential to be a great wide receiver in the NFL. This is a very surprising move as I didn’t think that Watkins would sign with the Chiefs, but it is also a move that makes a ton of sense. Kansas City had a need for another wide receiver as Tyreek Hill is the only real threat that they had at the position. Watkins gives the Chiefs another deep threat as he has a rare combination of size and speed that is very difficult to find. The Chiefs also have Tyreek Hill who is arguably the fastest receiver in the NFL and adding Watkins to the mix gives the Chiefs yet another explosive wide receiver. Watkins will make a huge difference for Kansas City’s offense as they were looking to find another dangerous receiver for young quarterback Patrick Mahomes who enters the 2018 season with only 1 career start. Mahomes has a really strong arm and pairing him with a true deep threat like Sammy Watkins is a perfect fit for the Chiefs passing game. It does feel like the Chiefs overpaid Watkins considering his lack of production so far at the NFL level. However, Watkins was by far the best receiver available in free agency and he is a terrific fit for the Chiefs offense.

Grade: A-

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