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Biggest takeaways from the 49ers-Vikings Game

The Minnesota Vikings showed that they might just be Super Bowl contenders this season as they defeated the 49ers rather easily 24-16. Here are the biggest takeaways for both teams from Sunday’s game.


Biggest Takeaways for the 49ers:

The main concern for the 49ers is how poorly starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo played in the season opener. Sure, Garoppolo was impressive in his 5 starts last season and he was given a massive contract this offseason. However, Garoppolo played terribly against the Vikings on Sunday. He struggled with accuracy and he made several costly mistakes as he threw 3 interceptions. The Vikings defense is really good, so this could just be a rare bad game for Garoppolo. That being said, it is extremely concerning for Garoppolo to play so poorly especially considering how much hype he has received. Meanwhile, the other major concern for the 49ers is that they just couldn’t get anything going at the running back position. Matt Breida and Alfred Morris pretty much split the carries evenly, although neither really had a good game. Breida led the team with 46 yards, but he wasn’t very impressive. Meanwhile, Alfred Morris was much worse as he only had 3.2 yards per carry and he a costly fumble near the endzone. The 49ers had severe issues on offense and it wasn’t just the running game, but their running backs need to be much better to take the pressure off of Garoppolo. Overall, the 49ers proved that they have a lot of work to do on offense before they can compete with outstanding teams like the Vikings.


Biggest Takeaways for the Vikings:

The biggest takeaway for the Vikings is that they proved how good their defense still is this season. They made 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo look below average while forcing 5 turnovers. Minnesota really has no weakness on their defense and they proved that they can be successful against any NFL offense. Meanwhile, the other main takeaway is that new starting quarterback Kirk Cousins looked very impressive in his debut with the team. Cousins didn’t make any costly mistakes which was important and he threw a couple of touchdowns to carry the offense as well. Overall, if the Vikings defense plays this well and Cousins play effectively as well then the Vikings will be really difficult to beat.