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Reacting to the Khalil Mack trade

The Oakland Raiders made a significant trade just prior to the 2018 season as they dealt all-pro pass rusher Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears in exchange for two 1st round picks.


Raiders Grade/Analysis:

This trade actually makes some sense for the Raiders as the team was making no progress in contract talks with Khalil Mack. Sure, this trade no doubt hurts the Raiders in the short-term as Mack was basically the only reliable player on the Raiders defense. However, Mack was holding out and it appeared that he might even be willing to miss games until his contract situation was resolved. That made it likely easier for the Raiders to trade him especially since they are getting major value in return. Oakland is going through a rebuild process and the two 1st round picks could help the Raiders return to relevance in a few years. Mack was a great player for the Raiders, but it really didn’t matter since the team didn’t have much around him on defense. The Raiders can now use those picks to possibly add a couple of good pieces in order to try and build up their defense. It definitely wasn’t easy for the Raiders to give up an elite young player like Khalil Mack, but ultimately it was probably the right decision considering the massive return that they received.

Grade: B


Bears Grade/Analysis:

This trade officially signals that the Bears rebuild is over as Mack is the type of player that can push the Bears into playoff contention. Mack now adds to a defense that was already underrated with good young players like Roquan Smith and Kyle Fuller. Mack is no doubt one of the best players in the NFL and he suddenly makes Chicago’s defense a top 10 defense. Chicago still has some holes to fill on both sides of the football, but adding Mack makes the Bears a much more serious threat in the tough NFC North. However, this trade certainly doesn’t come without a large amount of risk. The Bears are making their team better in the short-term, but giving up two 1st round picks is extremely risky for the Bears in the long-term. It makes sense that the Bears are trying to make their team better and they certainly are much better in the short-term. However, a few years from now they might regret this trade considering how much they gave up.

Grade: C