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Browns trade Kizer to the Packers for Randall

The Cleveland Browns traded quarterback DeShone Kizer to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for cornerback Damarious Randall. Also, the teams will swap 4th and 5th round picks in the 2018 NFL Draft.


Packers analysis/grade:

This is an interesting move for the Packers to make as they clearly needed a better backup quarterback. However, most people just assumed that they would just sign a veteran backup quarterback in free agency. The Packers decided not to go that route as they are now acquiring DeShone Kizer who is a young quarterback with tremendous potential. Kizer struggled as a rookie last year for Cleveland as he went 0-15 as the team’s starting quarterback and he threw 22 interceptions compared to only 11 touchdowns. He clearly isn’t ready to be an NFL starting quarterback, but now he is in a perfect situation where he can learn from future hall-of-fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Kizer gives the Packers a much better 2nd-string quarterback and someone who can fill in more effectively if Rodgers gets injured again. Also, Kizer is only 22 years old and if the Packers can develop him correctly then maybe he could be the potential starting quarterback for Green Bay once Rodgers retires. However, the Packers probably did give up too much in return for Kizer. Green Bay gave up young cornerback Damarious Randall who was a 1st round pick just a few years ago. Randall has struggled with injuries and he hasn’t gotten along very well with the coaching staff. However, it is still shocking that the Packers would trade him considering that he has been a productive player for the team and the Packers were already thin at the cornerback position. This trade doesn’t make the Packers better in the short-term. It could possibly pay off long-term if Kizer can continue to develop, but this just isn’t a good trade overall.

Grade: C


Browns analysis/grade:

This trade makes a lot of sense for the Browns as it makes their team better in many aspects. Sure, the Browns are giving up on Kizer only a year after they drafted him in the 2nd round of the 2017 draft. However, Kizer proved last year that he wasn’t a short-term or long-term solution for Cleveland at the quarterback position. Also, Kizer became expendable after the team acquired quarterback Tyrod Taylor from the Bills who will be Cleveland’s temporary starter at that position. The team also is extremely likely to draft a quarterback early on in the draft which means that Kizer wouldn’t really have a spot on the roster. The Browns are also improving their team in another area by acquiring young cornerback Damrious Randall in this trade. Randall is a talented young cornerback who was a 1st round pick just a few years ago. We’ll see how well Randall interacts with the Browns coaching staff and how well he fits in with the team. However, Randall can be a very good starting cornerback and he will improve what was a rather weak secondary for the Browns last season. This is definitely a terrific trade for Cleveland as it will improve their team for the 2018 season and probably long-term as well.

Grade: A+

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Cleveland Browns draft grade

Cleveland Browns draft grade:

2017 draft picks:

Round 1(1st overall) – Myles Garrett – Defensive End – Texas A&M

Round 1(25th overall) – Jabrill Peppers – Safety – Michigan

Round 1(29th overall) – David Njoku – Tight End – Miami

Round 2(52nd overall) – DeShone Kizer – Quarterback – Notre Dame

Round 3(65th overall) – Larry Ogunjobi – Defensive Tackle – Charlotte

Round 4(126th overall) – Howard Wilson – Cornerback –┬áHouston

Round 5(160th overall) – Roderick Johnson – Offensive Tackle – Florida State

Round 6(185th overall) – Caleb Brantley – Defensive Tackle – Florida

Round 7(224th overall) – Zane Gonzalez – Kicker – Arizona State

Round 7(252nd overall) – Matt Dayes – Running Back – North Carolina State


The Browns had a need at pretty much every position except offensive line on their roster and they certainly improved their team during the draft. Myles Garrett was by far the best player available in this draft and the Browns would have been silly not to draft him with the 1st overall pick. Garrett has elite pass rushing skills and there is no reason as to why he shouldn’t get 10+ sacks every year. He will make an immediate impact for the Browns and drafting him is a good start to building a contender. Meanwhile, Jabrill Peppers will also be a big impact player for the Browns on defense. Peppers doesn’t have good ball skills, but he always seems to make plays and he has the versatility to play in the box as a linebacker or in coverage as a safety. Peppers is a major upgrade at safety for Cleveland and he should bring another outstanding playmaker to a defense that really needed it. Cleveland also drafted tight end David Njoku out of Miami in the 1st round. Njoku didn’t really reach his potential in college as a pass catcher, but he is a good blocker and he is athletic enough that he could be an outstanding receiver as well. Njoku isn’t a complete tight end yet, but he will be a starter right away and he has the potential to be a great tight end. Also, the Browns drafted a quarterback in the 2nd round as they selected DeShone Kizer out of Notre Dame. Kizer probably has the highest potential of any quarterback in this draft, but he also might be the most raw quarterback in this draft. However, the Browns are the perfect team for Kizer since he won’t have to start right away and the Browns have the time and patience to figure out whether he will be their franchise quarterback. There is no doubt that Cleveland needed a starting quarterback badly and they are hoping that Kizer can finally be that guy. Larry Ogunjobi is a good pass rusher that is versatile enough to play either defensive tackle or defensive end for the Browns. Either way, Ogunjobi will be a good rotational defensive lineman right away and he has the potential to be a good starting defensive tackle for Cleveland eventually. Cornerback was a position that the Browns needed to address at some point and they did so by drafting Howard Wilson in the 4th round out of Indiana. Wilson probably won’t be a starter right away, but he provides much needed depth to the cornerback position and he could become a starter at some point soon. The Browns also made an interesting pick in the 6th round as they drafted defensive tackle Caleb Brantley out of Florida. There is no doubt that Brantley is a 1st round talent, but recent off-field issues caused a dramatic fall in his draft stock. If Brantley can deal with those issues effectively then the Browns could be getting the biggest steal of the draft. Brantley won’t be a starter for Cleveland right away, but if he can prove his maturity then he could be a really good starting defensive tackle soon. Cleveland also made a really good pick in the 7th round as they drafted kicker Zane Gonzalez out of Arizona State. The Browns struggled with their field goal kicking last season and Gonzalez was one of the best kickers in recent college football history. Gonzalez will compete with Cody Parkey for the kicker job in training camp, but don’t be surprised if Gonzalez wins the job before week 1 of the season. The Browns are still far away from being contenders, but they drafted many players that could be key for success in a few years.

Grade: A

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