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Ranking the 32 NFL Starting Quarterbacks

32. Josh McCown – New York Jets

Josh McCown is the type of player that somehow continues to get a chance to be a starting quarterback in the NFL despite consistently showing that he is a terrible starting quarterback. McCown is 18-42 as a starter in the NFL and don’t expect him to be any better for the Jets this season as he doesn’t have any reliable receivers and he has an awful offensive line as well. McCown is a great person and a really good backup QB, but he doesn’t have a good throwing arm and he hasn’t proven that he is able to win games as a starter despite being in the league since 2002. I would be absolutely shocked if the Jets win more than 4 games this season with McCown as the starting quarterback.

31. Cody Kessler – Cleveland Browns

Kessler actually did a decent job statistically as the main starting quarterback for the Browns last season, but the problem is he went 0-7 in the games that he started. He has a very bright future as a backup QB in this league, although he just isn’t a good starter. I’m not even sure if Kessler will be the starting quarterback most of the season for the Browns as they also have Brock Osweiler and rookie DeShone Kizer competing for the starting job. Kessler is just a temporary solution at best for Cleveland, but he did show some flashes that he could be a solid backup at least for many years.

30. Tom Savage – Houston Texans

Tom Savage got an opportunity to be a starting quarterback for the Texans late last season and he at least did enough for the Texans to be able to win a low-scoring game against the Bengals in December. Savage isn’t a flashy player and he won’t throw many touchdowns since he doesn’t stretch the field much. However, at least he didn’t throw any interceptions in his limited playing time last season. Savage is the favorite to win the Texans quarterback job right now, but rookie Deshaun Watson will likely take over the job at some point this season. Savage is a decent temporary solution at best for Houston, but don’t expect him to do much except try and complete short passes and hand the ball off to running back Lamar Miller.

29. Mike Glennon – Chicago Bears

Mike Glennon hasn’t received an opportunity to be a starter full-time for an NFL team until he signed with the Bears this past offseason. However, he did show some flashes with the Buccaneers that show that he could at least be a decent temporary option as a starting quarterback. Glennon doesn’t throw many interceptions, but he also isn’t a very consistent accurate passer which is ultimately what will hold him back. Glennon will likely only be the starter for 1 season in Chicago as rookie 1st round pick Mitchell Trubisky is waiting to take over the starting job. Glennon is good enough to maybe win a few games as a starter this season, but don’t expect good quarterback play if you’re a Bears fan.

28. Brian Hoyer – San Francisco 49ers

Brian Hoyer proved with the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans that he has the ability to be a decent temporary starting quarterback and win a few games if needed. However, don’t expect Hoyer to make many big plays or even come close to leading the 49ers to the playoffs in 2017. Hoyer is the starting quarterback for San Francisco heading into 2017, but the 49ers will definitely address the quarterback position after the season. Hoyer is 16-16 as a starter in the NFL, so he has proven that he can win some games if called upon to be a starting QB, but he clearly isn’t the solution for the 49ers.

27. Trevor Siemian – Denver Broncos

Trevor Siemian actually did a decent job for the Broncos as the team’s starting quarterback as he helped lead the team to a 8-6 record when he started. However, Siemian doesn’t have the physical tools to be a starting NFL quarterback and he clearly isn’t the quarterback of the future for Denver. If Siemian is called upon to start then he will be good enough to win some games, but he isn’t the type of player that makes this team any better. In fact, Siemian might not even be the starter for most of the 2017 season as 2nd-year quarterback Paxton Lynch could take over the starting job soon. Siemian is as good of a player as he’ll ever be and he is nothing more than a temporary solution for the Broncos at the quarterback position.

26. Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams

The Rams had high expectations for Jared Goff after the team gave up a lot to trade up and get him with the 1st overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. However, Goff was a major disappointment in his 7 starts for the Rams last season. In fact, Goff threw more interceptions than touchdowns last season and he went 0-7 as a starter in his rookie season. I expect him to be better this season which is why I have him ranked this high on my list of quarterbacks. However, Goff has a lot to prove before he can be considered even an average NFL starting quarterback. There is no doubt that Goff has all of the physical tools to be a very good quarterback, but I can’t rate him higher until he actually goes out on the field and proves it.

25. Sam Bradford – Minnesota Vikings

Sam Bradford hasn’t lived up to expectations ever since being the number 1 overall pick in the 2010 draft as he has never led a team to the playoffs so far during his career. Bradford has shown flashes of his potential at times and he has decent statistics, but he is only 32-45-1 as a starter in the NFL. Bradford doesn’t take risks and he rarely throws the ball down the field which is probably why he doesn’t throw too many interceptions. However, that affects his ability to be able to make plays and ultimately lead his team to the playoffs. Bradford is an average starting quarterback in the NFL and at this point in his career he probably won’t ever be better than average.

24. Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles is the ultimate inconsistent quarterback in the NFL. Bortles had an awful rookie season and he looked like a bust that year. However, his 2nd season in the NFL he looked like a pro bowl quarterback as he threw for 35 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Last season his play once again regressed and he was the main reason that the Jaguars had an extremely disappointing season. Bortles has shown the outstanding potential that he has, but who knows what type of quarterback he will be in 2017. Jacksonville has plenty of talent around him, so if Bortles doesn’t improve this season then the Jaguars might try and find his replacement.

23. Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz had a decent rookie season for the Eagles in 2016 and there are high hopes that he can take the next step in 2017. Wentz was very inconsistent which is to be expected of a rookie quarterback, but he did show amazing flashes of the type of player he can be. If Wentz can cut down on his amount of interceptions, then he could be an above average starting quarterback in the NFL. Wentz has sky high potential, but he just needs to continue to prove himself as the face of the franchise for the Eagles.

22. Alex Smith – Kansas City Chiefs

When you think of an average quarterback in the NFL, Alex Smith is probably the first player that comes to mind because he fits that stereotype perfectly. Smith completes a high percentage of his pass attempts every year since he almost always attempts short passes. Sure, he doesn’t make many mistakes as he only threw 8 interceptions last season for the Chiefs since he doesn’t take many risks. However, that is the reason that Smith will always be average because he isn’t the type of quarterback that makes big plays. Smith isn’t as talented as most of the quarterbacks ranked below him, but Smith does his job consistently and he finds a way to win games for Kansas City which is why I ranked him this high.

21. Ryan Tannehill – Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill finally was able to prove that he might be the solution for the Dolphins at the quarterback position as he was able to help lead Miami to their first playoff berth in awhile. Tannehill didn’t put up great statistics, but he completed a high percentage of his passes and he was able to be good enough to make the Dolphins offense decent. Tannehill is just an average quarterback at this point in his career and that’s probably all he will ever be, although he at least gives Miami a chance to make the playoffs every season.

20. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco is the type of player that plays his best football in the playoffs as he led the Ravens to a super bowl win in 2012. However, the issue for him lately is that he hasn’t been able to lead Baltimore back to the playoffs. Flacco is one of the top paid quarterbacks in the NFL, but he is still just an average starting quarterback. Flacco throws too many interceptions for a quarterback of his age, but somehow he always seems to put the Ravens in a position to win games. Flacco is clearly the face of the franchise for Baltimore and he has led the Ravens to the playoffs numerous times. However, his career seems to be on the decline at age 32 and he is just an average starting QB right now.

19. Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor has been a much better starting quarterback than I ever expected as he has only thrown 12 interceptions in 2 seasons as a starter with the Bills. However, the one thing that is holding Taylor back is that he hasn’t shown an ability to lead Buffalo to the playoffs and he is still somewhat raw as a passer. Taylor is a terrific dual-threat quarterback as he has the speed to make plays with his feet in open space. He is also a good passer on short throws, but he will need to take more risks down the field in order to become a better quarterback. We’ll see if he is able to lead Buffalo back to the playoffs sometime soon, but he is a quarterback that continues to improve.

18. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals

It is always unknown what type of quarterback Andy Dalton will be every season as he is inconsistent every season. Dalton was outstanding during the 2015 season for Cincinnati, but last season he once again regressed to become just a slightly above average starting quarterback. He seems to at have at least cut down on his interceptions the past 2 seasons which is a really good sign and the Bengals are hoping that he can continue to improve in 2017 and lead Cincinnati back to the playoffs. I have to give Dalton a ton of credit because he led the Bengals to the playoffs the first 5 seasons of his career before a disappointing 2016 season. Also, he hasn’t always had tons of talent to work with on offense besides A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert and yet he’s found ways to be successful. Dalton has proven that he knows to win games, but the next step for him will be to win a playoff game and that would take his credibility to the next level.

17. Eli Manning – New York Giants

Eli Manning is another quarterback that is very inconsistent from season to season as he has proven that he can be a pro bowl quarterback. However, he has also proven that he can be one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL at times. The reason that I have ranked Manning this high is mostly because of his past accomplishments. Manning is known for his elevating his level of play when the stage is the brightest as he has led the Giants to two super bowl victories over the Patriots during his career. This guy deserves tons of credit for how many things that he has accomplished while in New York. However, Manning isn’t as good of a quarterback as he used to be despite being surrounded by tremendous wide receivers like Odell Beckham. Manning still throws too many interceptions and that is what has always held him back from really being considered an elite quarterback. Manning is still a good quarterback and he has the ability to lead the Giants far into the playoffs, but his play is somewhat on the decline.

16. Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins has really risen up this list the past 2 seasons as he is now the unquestioned starting quarterback for the Redskins. Cousins is a pro bowl caliber player and he did a great job of leading Washington to the playoffs in 2015. Cousins just hasn’t proven that he can win big games. For example, the Redskins got demolished by the Packers in a playoff game during the 2015 postseason, although that loss wasn’t really his fault. However, he did cost his team a chance at making the playoffs as he threw a costly interception in week 17 against the Giants last season in a game that the team needed to win. Cousins is probably as good of a quarterback as he will ever be, but he is still an above average player at his position.

15. Philip Rivers – Los Angeles Chargers

Philip Rivers is still a pro-bowl caliber starting quarterback in the NFL right now and he has done a good job of at least making the Chargers a respectable team the past few seasons despite not having good receivers or a good offensive line. However, Rivers did lead the league with a career-high 21 interceptions last season. Rivers is known as one of the most competitive players in the league and he often tries to force throws to try and help his team, but that is ultimately what leads to his high interception numbers every season. Rivers hasn’t been very successful in the playoffs and that is what hurts his reputation as an elite quarterback, but he still has had quite a career with the Chargers.

14. Jameis Winston – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston had a very good season in 2016 despite Mike Evans being his only reliable offensive weapon last season. Winston was 2nd in the league in interceptions thrown in 2016, but if he can limit his turnovers then he has a chance to be an elite quarterback in the NFL. Winston now has plenty of weapons to throw to in the passing game, so don’t be surprised if he has a terrific season in 2017. It is playoffs or bust for the Buccaneers in 2017 and if Winston improves then don’t be surprised if Tampa Bay goes far in 2017.

13. Carson Palmer – Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer proved in 2015 that he is still capable of being a top 5 quarterback in the NFL as he led the Cardinals to the NFC championship game behind 35 touchdown passes. However, Palmer had his play regress a little bit last season as he only threw for 26 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Palmer is 37 years old, so we will see if age impacts his level of production in 2017, but he is still a pro-bowl caliber quarterback in the NFL.

12. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton should be a top 10 quarterback in the NFL every year because that is how talented he is. However, Cam Newton was just average last season as he had 19 touchdowns compared to 14 interceptions. A lot of that can be attributed to him playing with an injured throwing shoulder for most of the season, but he is still a great quarterback when healthy especially since he has the added dimension of being a terrific runner.

11. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford has shown flashes that he can be an elite quarterback and he did an outstanding job of leading Detroit to the playoffs last season. However, I just need to see more consistency from Stafford if he is going to continue to move up this list. Stafford has to throw the ball a lot because he arguably has the worst running back group in the entire NFL. However, he continues to show that he can make the Lions offense dangerous on his own and he has done a good job of continuing to make the Lions a playoff contender.

10. Marcus Mariota – Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota is another example of a young quarterback with an extremely bright future. Mariota came extremely close to leading his team to the playoffs last season as he had 26 touchdowns and 9 interceptions and he is on the right track to becoming a top 10 quarterback very soon. Mariota doesn’t make many mistakes and he might even be the best dual-threat quarterback in the NFL currently because he is a terrific passer as well as a talented runner. Mariota has even better receivers to throw to in 2017 with the additions of Corey Davis and Eric Decker, so Mariota could become an elite quarterback as soon as next season.

9. Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott wasn’t even supposed to be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys last season. In fact, he wasn’t even the backup quarterback for Dallas until Kellen Moore got hurt. However, Prescott shockingly played like a top 5 quarterback last season as he ended up winning rookie of the year and also making it to the pro bowl. Now, he will have even more pressure on him in year 2 in the NFL as he is clearly the starting quarterback of the present and future for the Cowboys. The only thing that is holding me back from putting him even higher on this list is that he is still a really young player and I’m wondering if last year was just a fluke. If Prescott can do what he did in his rookie season then there is no doubt that he is an elite quarterback.

8. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson had a down season last year as he struggled with injuries and he just wasn’t the same dynamic player that he had been the past few seasons. However, Wilson is still no doubt a top 10 quarterback in the NFL and he should be much better in 2017 as long as he stays healthy. Wilson has accomplished a lot since he came into the NFL in 2012 as he has been to the super bowl twice and he won one title so far. The Seahawks are a legitimate title contender every season because of Wilson and he has earned being a top 10 quarterback despite his struggles last season.

7. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger is nearing the end of his career, although he still remains a consistent player as he had 29 touchdowns last season while leading Pittsburgh to the AFC championship game. Roethlisberger has won 2 super bowls in his career and he has been named to the pro bowl five times. We’ll see if he can lead the Steelers to another super bowl appearance before his career ends, but there is no doubt that he is still a top 10 quarterback because he is still playing at a high level.

6. Derek Carr – Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr is still very young, but he has already established himself as a top 10 quarterback in the NFL and he is only getting better. Since Carr was drafted in 2014 he has quickly turned the Raiders from a losing team into a team that should compete for a super bowl every year for the next decade. Oakland hadn’t even made the playoffs since 2002 until last season when Carr finally led the team back to the playoffs. Carr is still only 26 years old and he has plenty of young talent around him, so Carr could be a top 5 quarterback for a very long time.

5. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck had lots of pressure on him to replace Peyton Manning as the starting quarterback in Indianapolis. However, Luck has done a tremendous job so far as he has been a pro-bowler three times in his career while also leading the Colts back to the playoffs from 2012-2014. Luck hasn’t had much to work with during his career with Indianapolis as his team has had a terrible defense and a terrible offensive line. It is amazing what Luck has accomplished so far despite not having much around him and he will definitely be a top 10 quarterback for a long time.

4. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan has always been a franchise quarterback for the Falcons since he was drafted by the team in the 2008 draft. However, Ryan took his play to the next level last season as he won the NFL MVP award while also leading the Falcons to the super bowl. He probably won’t play at such a high level next season, but he is still a top 5 NFL quarterback at the moment.

3. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints haven’t made the playoffs since 2013, but that certainly isn’t the fault of Drew Brees as he has certainly done everything he can to make the Saints a respectable team. Brees is certainly heading to the hall-of-fame as he can consider himself legitimately one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Brees has been to the pro-bowl 10 times and he has been named an all-pro 4 times as well. Also, he has led the NFL in passing yards 7 times in his career and he has thrown a whopping 465 career touchdowns. Brees only has 1 super bowl win in his career and he probably should have won more, although it is hard to argue against the remarkable accomplishments that he has had in his career. Brees might be 38 years old, but he hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down and he is still playing like a top NFL quarterback.

2. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers had big shoes to fill by replacing hall-of-fame quarterback Brett Favre, but Rodgers has been even better than Favre in his career. Rodgers has led the Packers to the playoffs in every season since 2009 and he has made the pro bowl six times since taking over the starting quarterback job in 2008. Rodgers is only 33 years old, so he still has several years left in his career and he can already consider himself a hall-of-fame player. Rodgers only has 1 super bowl victory so far which seems like not enough for how good of a player that he has been. However, it is hard to argue against the 2 NFL MVP awards that he has received and he is still adding to his accomplishments.

  1. Tom Brady – New England Patriots

Tom Brady is not only the best quarterback in the NFL today, but he is the best quarterback in NFL history. That is quite an accomplishment considering that he was never supposed to be more than a backup quarterback in the NFL after getting drafted in the 6th round in the 2000 NFL draft. His accomplishments speak for itself as he has led the Patriots to the playoffs 14 times since becoming the starting quarterback in 2001. Also, he has been named to the pro-bowl 12 times and he has been named NFL MVP twice in his career. However, the most amazing accomplishment is that he has been to the super bowl 7 times in his career and he has won 5 super bowl titles including another title last season. Brady turns 40 years old next month, but he is still no doubt the best quarterback in the NFL and he is still playing better than any quarterback in the NFL.




NFL Mock Draft heading into week 17

  1. Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett – Defensive End – Texas A&M

The Browns could go in any direction here as they have so many needs, but Garrett is the best prospect in the draft and that is who they’ll likely draft with the 1st pick. Cleveland already has rookie Emmanuel Ogbah at one defensive end spot. However, the other defensive end spot is up for grabs so look for Garrett to make an impact right away.

2. San Francisco 49ers – Mitch Trubisky – Quarterback – North Carolina

Trubisky came out of nowhere to be possibly the top quarterback in the draft despite only being a starter at North Carolina for 1 season. Trubisky makes good decisions for the most part and he is an accurate passer, so he has all of the traits of an NFL quarterback. Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert have proven that they don’t have a future as the starting QB for the 49ers. However, Trubisky would be a solid upgrade for the 49ers, although they likely won’t have much to help him out.

3. Chicago Bears – DeShone Kizer – Quarterback – Notre Dame

It appears that the Bears are ready to move on from Jay Cutler which means that the team will need to find a new quarterback this offseason. The Bears are in prime position to either draft Trubisky or Kizer, but it will probably be Kizer who falls to Chicago. Kizer has more upside than Trubisky and Kizer also has the ability to make plays with his mobility. Kizer might not be ready to be an impact player right away, but Chicago would have the pieces around him to make him successful.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jonathan Allen – Defensive End – Alabama

The Jaguars already have some talented pass rushers with Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue, but it will be hard for them to pass on a talented defensive lineman like Jonathan Allen. He likely won’t be used as pass rushing defensive end by the Jaguars, but rather he could be moved inside to the defensive tackle position. Jacksonville has a need at defensive tackle and Allen could provide a solid interior pass rush and thus make their defensive line great.

5. Tennessee Titans(From Los Angeles) – Marlon Humphrey – Cornerback – Alabama

Tennessee’s defense has the ability to stop the run and get after the quarterback, yet the Titans secondary was a major issue last season. Humphrey is an excellent cover man that has tremendous speed as well. Jason McCourty is a good cornerback for Tennessee, but besides him they don’t have much. Humphrey would replace Brice McCain as a starting cornerback for the Titans immediately and he would greatly improve their pass coverage.

6. New York Jets – Leonard Fournette – Running Back – LSU

Matt Forte had a good year for the Jets at running back, but he is 31 years old and he could be slowing down soon. It is time for the Jets to get a younger and more explosive running back and Leonard Fournette certainly fits that goal. Fournette reminds me a lot of Adrian Peterson as they both are elusive running backs that have breakaway speed. Fournette would instantly provide the Jets with an explosive offensive player and the Jets would have a really good backfield with Fournette and Bilal Powell.

7. San Diego Chargers – Cam Robinson – Offensive Tackle – Alabama

King Dunlap will be 32 years old once next season starts and he regressed this past season as the starting left tackle for the Chargers. Cam Robinson comes with some character issues as he got into some legal trouble while in college. However, he is 6 foot 6 and 326 pounds, so he has the size of an NFL offensive lineman. Robinson is a great run blocker which should help running back Melvin Gordon to improve upon a terrific 2016 season. The goal for the Chargers is to protect quarterback Philip Rivers so that he’ll last at least a few more years and they would have their left tackle of the future with Robinson.

8. Cincinnati Bengals – Derek Barnett – Defensive End – Tennessee

Cincinnati already has a really good defensive end with Carlos Dunlap as he has 7 sacks this season, but there is a big need for another defensive end on the opposite side. Derek Barnett is a player that can disrupt opposing offenses. Barnett is consistently sacking the quarterback and he can make a big difference in a game as he proved in Tennessee’s bowl game against Nebraska. Barnett finished 2016 with 13 sacks for the Volunteers and he is a quick defensive end that would make a major impact for Cincinnati right away.

9. Carolina Panthers – Dalvin Cook – Running Back – Florida State

Jonathan Stewart has been a productive running back for the Panthers for many years, but he turns 30 years old soon and he has struggled to stay healthy throughout his career. The Panthers need a star running back for the future and Dalvin Cook could be that guy. Cook has everything that an NFL team is looking for in a run back. He has tremendous speed to make big plays in the running game. However, he also can catch the ball out of the backfield and he is a solid pass protector. If Carolina drafts Cook then the Panthers offense could be really good for many years with Newton and Cook as a dynamic quarterback and running back duo.

10. Cleveland Browns(From Philadelphia) – Teez Tabor – Cornerback – Florida

Joe Haden was once a dominant cornerback for the Browns, but recently he has been injured often and inconsistent when he does play. Also, Jamar Taylor isn’t a quality starting cornerback for Cleveland, so it makes sense for the team to invest in a cornerback early on. Teez Tabor is a tremendous athlete that has good ball skills and he would provide some much needed young talent to the Browns secondary.

11. Arizona Cardinals – Reuben Foster – Inside Linebacker – Alabama

The Arizona Cardinals have a weakness at the middle linebacker position which isn’t good considering that they are a 3-4 defense. However, if they draft Reuben Foster then their problems would certainly be solved. Foster is great against the run just like pretty much any linebacker that has been drafted out of linebacker. He is also good in coverage which is what makes him a complete linebacker. Foster is an NFL-ready linebacker that could make some big plays for Arizona in 2017.

12. Buffalo Bills – Mike Williams – Wide Receiver – Clemson

Buffalo is desperate for a playmaker in the passing game, so expect the Bills to draft a wide receiver very early on in the draft. Sammy Watkins is a dynamic wide receiver with his speed, but he is often injured which makes him basically useless. Also, Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin are free agents this offseason which makes Buffalo really thin at wide receiver. Mike Williams has tremendous size and he is a possession receiver that makes tough catches. Williams would be the perfect complement to the speedy Sammy Watkins for the Bills.

13. Indianapolis Colts – Jabrill Peppers – Safety – Michigan

The Colts defense is awful in just about every area and they are in need of a playmaker on defense especially at the safety position. Jabrill Peppers is the type of player that could provide a spark for the Colts defense. He has great size and speed, but he just finds ways to impact games on his own by making big plays. The Colts are looking to replace Mike Adams at strong safety and drafting Peppers would provide the Colts with a young safety duo to go along with T.J. Green.

14. Philadelphia Eagles(From Minnesota) – John Ross – Wide Receiver – Washington

The Eagles offense never reached its potential because they constantly had dropped passes from wide receivers like Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor. Philadelphia needs a true threat in the passing game for young quarterback Carson Wentz and John Ross would provide that. Ross is a deep threat as he has the speed to make big plays down the field in the passing game. I would like to see him go up and make tough catches and become a better route runner. However, he would provide the Eagles with an explosive wide receiver as they already have a possession receiver with Jordan Matthews.

15. New Orleans Saints – Tim Williams – Outside Linebacker – Alabama

New Orleans is still struggling to build a good defense and one of their biggest problems has been their lack of a pass rush. Tim Williams would help solve that as he is an explosive outside linebacker that has 8.5 sacks this season and he knows how to get after the quarterback. Williams is inconsistent against the run, but if the Saints draft him then they could have a really good outside linebacker duo along with Stephone Anthony.

16. Tennessee Titans – Jamal Adams – Safety – LSU

The Titans secondary is a major problem for their team and I already have them projected to draft a cornerback earlier in the 1st round. Now, I think that the Titans will address the safety position by drafting the very talented Jamal Adams. He is a very hard-hitting safety that isn’t afraid to make tackles in the running game. Adams is a tremendous athlete and he would be a good playmaker at safety for the Titans right away.

17. Baltimore Ravens – Adoree Jackson – Cornerback – USC

Baltimore has a good cornerback with Jimmy Smith, but on the opposite side they don’t have a very talented cornerback. Adoree Jackson would help solve that as he is one of the fastest players that I have ever seen and he has a tendency to make big plays. Jackson is a small cornerback, but because of his speed he almost never gets burned for big plays. Also, he could be an impact player for the Ravens on special teams as he is an outstanding returner.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Corey Davis – Wide Receiver – Western Michigan

Tampa Bay has one of the best wide receivers in the NFL with Mike Evans, but the issue is that quarterback Jameis Winston doesn’t have another trustworthy wide receiver. Vincent Jackson is almost certainly going to leave after this season and the depth at receiver isn’t good behind him. Corey Davis is an explosive receiver that has the ability to make big plays after the catch because of his speed. Also, he is a good route-runner and he relies on his size to make tough catches as needed. Davis is a complete wide receiver already and he would give the Buccaneers a much needed 2nd option in the passing game.

19. Denver Broncos – Zach Cunningham – Inside Linebacker – Vanderbilt

The Denver Broncos already have a good inside linebacker with Brandon Marshall, but they do have a need at the other inside linebacker position. Cunningham brings ideal size as a linebacker and he flies to the football with tremendous speed. Also, he brings the physicality necessary to be a good tackler at the NFL level. Cunningham would be a good upgrade over Todd Davis at inside linebacker for the Broncos and he would add yet another playmaker to an already great defense.

20. Washington Redskins – Malik McDowell – Defensive Tackle – Michigan State

The Redskins don’t have much at the defensive tackle position as their current starter is Ziggy Hood who turns 30 years old soon. McDowell would provide some more youth and talent to the position and he would be an instant upgrade over Hood. McDowell is solid against the run with his solid size. However, he also has really good quickness for the position and he could provide a good interior pass rush for Washington. Also, he has the versatility to possibly be a defensive end in the Redskins 3-4 defensive scheme if needed.

21. Detroit Lions – Caleb Brantley – Defensive Tackle – Florida

Detroit has never been the same at defensive tackle after the departures of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, so it is about time to fix the position. Brantley has the ability to disrupt plays in the backfield with his athleticism. Also, the Lions need a younger option than Haloti Ngata who has regressed a little bit at defensive tackle.

22. Houston Texans – Raekwon McMillan – Inside Linebacker – Ohio State

Brian Cushing is a pro-bowl caliber inside linebacker for the Texans, but he is about to be 30 years old and he always seems to be injured. The Texans need a more reliable inside linebacker and that’s why I’m projecting that they should draft McMillan. He isn’t an explosive linebacker, but he has good instincts in order to make plays. McMillan is a solid tackler and he would provide the Texans with a much younger and more consistent option than Cushing.

23. Green Bay Packers – O.J. Howard – Tight End – Alabama

The Packers have been looking for quality production out of the tight end position for years. Green Bay’s starting tight end Jared Cook will be a free agent after the season which means that the Packers will likely look to the draft to find their tight end for the future. O.J. Howard is a very good option for Green Bay as he projects as a good receiving tight end because of his size and speed. Howard doesn’t block very well, but he could be useful as a receiving threat in the slot for the Packers and it would provide Aaron Rodgers with another option in the passing game.

24. Seattle Seahawks – Ryan Ramczyk – Offensive Tackle – Wisconsin

The Offensive line for the Seahawks has been a disaster this season as they have started many inexperienced players. Ryan Ramczyk would provide a big upgrade at left tackle over George Fant who has been terrible for Seattle in 2016. Ramczyk is quite the athlete for his size and he is a good run blocker. However, it remains to be seen how effective he will be in pass protection which is what the Seahawks really need at this point.

25. Miami Dolphins – Marshon Lattimore – Cornerback – Ohio State

Byron Maxwell and Xavien Howard are decent cornerbacks for the Dolphins, but they still could use some help at the position. Lattimore would provide that as he has great size and length to be able to disrupt passes. Also, he has good speed to be able to keep up with wide receivers and he is the complete shutdown cornerback that Miami wants.

26. Atlanta Falcons – Dawuane Smoot – Defensive End – Illinois

The Falcons have found a great pass rusher with outside linebacker Vic Beasley, but the pass rush from Atlanta’s defensive ends has been less than ideal. Dawuane Smoot isn’t a great pass rusher, although he has a tendency to make a lot of tackles for loss. Atlanta’s defense is starting to get better and if they draft Smoot then it could improve even more with another pass rusher.

27. New York Giants – Taco Charlton – Defensive End – Michigan

Jason Pierre-Paul is going to be a free agent this offseason so the Giants could have a vacancy at defensive end heading into 2017. Charlton had 8.5 sacks to lead Michigan this season, so it is obvious that he knows how to get after the quarterback. New York needs to find a younger pass rusher to replace Pierre-Paul and Charlton would be a great option to do that.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers – Charles Harris – Defensive End – Missouri

Pittsburgh is a team that is in desperate need of a pass rushing defensive end. Stephon Tuitt is a decent defensive end, but the other starting defensive end Ricardo Matthews shouldn’t be a starter on any NFL team. Charles Harris is a pure pass rusher as he relies upon his speed to sack the quarterback. Harris could still use some work on his run defense, although the Steelers would only be drafting him for his great pass rush abilities.

29. Kansas City Chiefs – Dan Feeney – Guard – Indiana

The Chiefs could use some help at the guard position especially at left guard as Zach Fulton isn’t a very good starter for Kansas City. Dan Feeney is by far the best guard available for the Chiefs to draft in the 1st round. Feeney has good strength which should allow him to be a good run blocker in the Chiefs offense. Also, he has good footwork and technique overall which makes him a complete player. If Kansas City drafts Feeney then they could be getting a player that will be an immediate upgrade at guard.

30. Oakland Raiders – Jarrad Davis – Inside Linebacker – Florida

Oakland already has good outside linebackers led by Bruce Irvin, but the Raiders could really use an impact middle linebacker. Jarrad Davis is exactly that type of player as he is always flying all over the field making plays. Davis is decent in pass coverage as he has the speed to cover fast running backs and tight ends. The Raiders already have some good young playmakers on defense and Davis would certainly add to that.

31. New England Patriots – Christian McCaffrey – Running Back – Stanford

This is a perfect draft pick for the New England Patriots since they are looking for a running back that they can use as a receiver out of the backfield. New England already has LeGarrette Blount as their power back, but the problem is that he doesn’t catch the ball well. McCaffrey is explosive with the ball in his hands and he is one of the best pass catching running backs that I have ever seen. I don’t believe McCaffrey is an every down back in the NFL, but the good news is that he won’t have to be with New England. The Patriots will only use him as a pass catcher and he could add another threat to their offense.

32. Dallas Cowboys – Sidney Jones – Cornerback – Washington

Morris Claiborne is set to be a free agent after the season and the Cowboys don’t seem to be willing to re-sign him anyway. Brandon Carr is aging and he has been an inconsistent starting cornerback. Also, Orlando Scandrick has struggled to stay healthy during his time with the Cowboys. That leaves a need to draft a cornerback and Sidney Jones could be a good fit for Dallas. Jones has decent size for a cornerback, but it is his ball skills that makes him an intriguing player. He has the ability to create a turnover at any moment which could be useful for a Cowboys team that doesn’t create many turnovers.