Packers sign Wilkerson to a 1-year deal

Muhammad Wilkerson was once considered one of the elite pass rushers in the NFL. However, character issues and a lack of effort really derailed his career with the Jets and that is what led to his release prior to the start of free agency. Wilkerson now has a new team though as he signed a 1-year/$5 million contract with the Green Bay Packers on Wednesday. Wilkerson was arguably the best pass rusher available in free agency mostly because he is a terrific pass rusher especially considering that he is 315 pounds. There is no questioning that he has the talent to be an elite defensive end, but a lack of effort has been an issue for him in recent years. If Green Bay can motivate him to provide a more consistent effort then this could be the best signing of free agency. The Packers are only paying him $5 million which isn’t much considering his talent and it is only a 1-year deal, so there isn’t much risk to this signing. The Packers already had a couple of really good pass rushers with Nick Perry and Clay Matthews. However, if Wilkerson can play like he did in 2015 when he had 12 sacks then the Packers could have the best pass rush of any team in the NFL. We’ll see if Wilkerson can provide a consistent level of production for Green Bay, but even if he doesn’t then the Packers still should have a good starting defensive end. There is really no risk to this deal and there is potential for the Packers to get a very high reward which is why this is a terrific signing.

Grade: A

muhammad wilkerson

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