Eagles trade Smith to the Panthers

The Philadelphia Eagles are adding to their depth on defense as they sent wide receiver Torrey Smith to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for cornerback Daryl Worley.


Eagles analysis/grade:

The Eagles were about to release Torrey Smith as he just wasn’t much of an impact player in the Eagles offense with Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor ahead of him on the depth chart. However, the Eagles were surprisingly able to get a good amount of value in exchange for Smith as they acquired starting cornerback Daryl Worley from the Panthers. Worley is a physical cornerback that hasn’t quite lived up to his potential in the NFL mostly because he doesn’t have the speed necessary to keep up with some wide receivers. Worley will add some more depth to the Eagles secondary and he will help to replace Patrick Robinson who will likely depart in free agency. Worley still needs to be developed some more, but he should make an impact in 2018 for the Eagles possibly as a starter at cornerback. This is a terrific trade for Philadelphia as they are getting rid of Torrey Smith who they were going to release anyway and they are getting back a player that can make an impact at cornerback.


Grade: A+


Panthers analysis/grade:

Carolina needed some help at wide receiver to go along with Devin Funchess and they found a new deep threat by acquiring Torrey Smith in a trade with the Eagles. Smith didn’t have a very good year for the Eagles last year as he only had 36 receptions and 2 touchdowns. Also, he only had 11.9 yards per catch last season which proves that he isn’t the deep threat that he once was. This move makes Carolina’s wide receiver group deeper, but they still have some room for improvement at that position. Also, Carolina gave up just too much in return for a player that was about to be released. The Panthers gave up starting cornerback Daryl Worley who wasn’t a great cornerback, but he at least was a decent starter. Carolina’s secondary was already weak, but now it is extremely weak as James Bradberry is the only reliable cornerback that Carolina has and they don’t have much depth behind him. Carolina upgraded at wide receiver a little bit, but they just created a major void at the cornerback position by getting rid of Daryl Worley. This trade doesn’t really make the Panthers any better and it could actually make the team much worse.

torrey smith


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