Atlanta Falcons offseason Preview

Key Free Agents:

Dontari Poe – Defensive Tackle

Adrian Clayborn – Defensive End

Matt Bryant – Kicker


Atlanta is just about as complete of a football team as there is in the NFL so they don’t really have much that they need. The one big glaring need for the Falcons is at the right guard position as they will look for an upgrade over Wes Schweitzer. Atlanta’s offensive is really good except for at right guard and they could make that unit complete probably by addressing it in the draft. The Falcons are prepared to lose starting defensive tackle Dontari Poe in free agency, so that is a position that they must address this offseason. Also, Adrian Clayborn is a free agent and the Falcons will need to add some depth to the backup defensive end position and hopefully find a player that can provide value in pass-rushing situations. Don’t expect it to be a busy offseason for the Falcons as most of their team is complete, but they will just focus on filling a couple of positions and adding depth to the rest of their roster.

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