New York Jets free agency grade

Notable additions:

Kelvin Beachum – Left Tackle – From: Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh McCown – Quarterback – From: Cleveland Browns

Morris Claiborne – Cornerback – From: Dallas Cowboys

Notable Subtractions:

Brandon Marshall – Wide Receiver – To: New York Jets

Nick Folk – Kicker – To: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Geno Smith – Quarterback – To: New York Giants



There probably isn’t a worse team heading into next season than the New York Jets as they didn’t do much to help their teams this offseason. The only moves that the Jets made that is good was when they released cornerback Darrelle Revis as he had a terrible season in 2016 and he wasn’t going to be part of their future anyway. The Jets also signed former Cowboys conerback Morris Claiborne to a 1-year/$5 million contract to replace Revis. Claiborne might never be an elite cornerback like Revis was, but Claiborne is considerably cheaper and he has much more upside than Revis. New York has nothing to lose by signing Claiborne and he should be a more productive player than Revis was for the Jets last season. However, the rest of the signings by the Jets were all terrible. For example, the Jets signed Kelvin Beachum to a 3-year/$24 million contract in order to be their starting left tackle. Beachum had a bad season with the Jaguars in 2016 and they decided to let him go. Despite that, the Jets are giving him a whopping $8 million per year on a 3-year contract. Beachum used to be a great left tackle in Pittsburgh, but now we’ll have to see if he can return to that type of player next season with the Jets. Beachum is a decent option at left tackle, but the Jets should have just let him prove himself on a 1-year deal rather than giving him a big multi-year deal. Another strange signing was that the Jets signed journeyman quarterback Josh McCown to a 1-year/$6 million contract. McCown is a temporary starting quarterback at best for the Jets, but they have two better and younger options already at the quarterback position with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. The Jets aren’t going to win many games next season anyway, so I don’t get the point of bringing in a 38-year old quarterback who has a history of losing as a starting quarterback in the NFL. McCown brings great leadership qualities, but he just adds to the logjam that the Jets have at quarterback and they might still draft another quarterback next month. They should have just given the starting quarterback job to Petty or Hackenberg and see if they are the quarterback of the future for the team since McCown will definitely only be the Jets quarterback for 1 year at most. Also, the Jets released Brandon Marshall and Nick Folk which doesn’t make much sense as well. Marshall wanted to be released, but now the Jets are left with unreliable Eric Decker as their top wide receiver. The Jets need to address that position in the draft maybe in the 2nd or 3rd round for sure because whoever the Jets quarterback will be in 2017 will have nobody to throw to. The Jets also released veteran reliable kicker Nick Folk and then they replaced him with 4th-year kicker Chandler Catanzaro who was awful last season for Arizona. It is almost as if the Jets are trying to tank for next season. Sure, their defensive line is still outstanding with Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, and Muhammad Wilkerson. However, that is the only strength that the Jets have right now and their offense will almost certainly be a major mess next season. This team will likely be the worst team in the NFL in 2017 and they barely did anything to improve in free agency.

Grade: D

kelvin beachum


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