Miami Dolphins free agency grade

Notable additions:

Lawrence Timmons – Outside Linebacker – From: Pittsburgh Steelers

Ted Larsen – Guard – From: Chicago Bears

Nate Allen – Free Safety – From: Oakland Raiders

Anthony Fasano – Tight End – From: Tennessee Titans

Julius Thomas – Tight End – From: Jacksonville Jaguars


Notable subtractions:

Branden Albert – Offensive Tackle – To: Jacksonville Jaguars

Dion Sims – Tight End – To: Chicago Bears

Earl Mitchell – Defensive Tackle – To: San Francisco 49ers



It has been a surprisingly quiet free agency for the Miami Dolphins, but the good news is that they haven’t lost much at all. Branden Albert wasn’t very good with the Dolphins and they didn’t have a need for him on their roster anymore and the same can be said with Earl Mitchell. Dion Sims was the biggest loss for Miami as he made some impact for Miami’s offense, although the addition of tight end Julius Thomas meant the Dolphins didn’t really need Sims anymore. Anthony Fasano should add some decent depth to the tight end position for the Dolphins as well and he had the best years of his career with the Dolphins from 2008-2012. I like the signing of outside linebacker Lawrence Timmons who continues to be a very productive player and he should be a very good starter for the Dolphins. I’m not a huge fan of Miami signing Nate Allen to be their starting free safety since he isn’t a very good safety against the run. However, he does have a tendency to create turnovers which could help the Dolphins and he is only getting a $3.4 million deal which is barely any financial risk. Miami didn’t do much in free agency, but they barely lost anything in free agency. The Dolphins are still a very talented team and they are definitely the biggest threat to New England in the AFC East.

Grade: C

julius thomas



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