Panthers sign Peppers to a 1-year deal

Outside Linebacker Julius Peppers is returning to where his career started as he signed a 1-year deal worth $3.5 million with the Carolina Panthers. Peppers isn’t the all-pro player that he was years ago during his time with the Panthers as he is now 37 years old. However, Peppers can still be a very productive pass rusher as he had 7.5 sacks with the Packers last season. Peppers probably isn’t going to be an every-down player at this point in his career, but he could be a very good option as a pass rusher on obvious passing downs. This signing makes tons of sense for both the Panthers and Peppers since Peppers can now likely finish his career with the team where he had his most success during his career. Also, the Panthers are getting a tremendous pass rusher for a very small amount of money. 2017 will probably be the last season of his career, yet this is a signing that has very little risk and a very high reward for Carolina. Peppers will give the Panthers a great pass rusher right away and it will be awesome for Peppers to be able to retire as a Carolina Panther.

Grade: A+

julius peppers


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