Colts sign Mingo to a 1-year deal

The Indianapolis Colts tried to add some more depth to their pass rush on Thursday as they signed outside linebacker Barkevious Mingo to a 1-year/$2.5 million contract. Mingo has been a bust so far in his NFL career after being drafted 6th overall in the 2013 draft by the Browns. Mingo couldn’t even revive his career with the Patriots last season as he only had 11 tackles while playing primarily as a special teams player. Mingo can’t be relied upon as a starter for the Colts, but maybe he can help his career by being a rotational pass rusher for Indianapolis. Mingo isn’t going to make a major impact for Indianapolis, yet he should provided much needed depth on a bad Colts defense. Don’t expect Mingo to be a great player for the Colts, but if he can somehow take advantage of this opportunity and play well then this could be a tremendous bargain signing for the Colts. This signing is worth the risk for the Colts even if Mingo only is a backup outside linebacker and a contributor on special teams.

Grade: C+

barkevious mingo


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