Bears sign Demps to a 3-year deal

The Houston Texans made an underrated signing on the 1st day of free agency as they signed strong safety Quintin Demps to a 3-year/$13.5 million contract. Demps put up really good stats in 13 starts for Houston last season as he had 55 tackles and a whopping 6 interceptions. Demps certainly is a ballhawk and he proved that last season as he led all safeties in interceptions. However, Demps is just a good all-around starting safety as he proved that he can be very good against the run as well. The only concern that I have about this signing is that Demps is about to be 32 years old which is when safeties typically begin to slow down. Either way, it isn’t like the Bears are giving much of a financial committment to Demps anyways and he should definitely be a major upgrade to the safety position for Chicago. If Demps can perform like he did last season then this would be a great bargain signing for the Bears.

Grade: A-

quintin demps


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