49ers sign Goodwin to a 2-year deal

The 49ers added some more speed to their offense as they signed former Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin to a 2-year/$8 million deal. Goodwin never made much of an impact as a receiver in Buffalo as he had a career high 29 receptions for only 431 yards last season. However, Goodwin does bring elite speed to the 49ers and he could make an immediate impact at least as a kickoff returner. Goodwin gives the 49ers a deep threat in the passing game and that is how he will primarily be used in the offense. Goodwin is nothing more than a 3rd or 4th receiver for the 49ers and he probably won’t make a huge impact. He does provide the 49ers with speed that they can utilize in a variety of ways, but I’m just not quite sure that he is worth $4 million per year. We will have to see how Goodwin is utilized by the 49ers, yet all he will likely provide is just much needed receiver depth for San Francisco. Still, it isn’t worth $4 million per year for a wide receiver that has barely done anything so far in his NFL career and that is why this is just an average signing.

Grade: C

marquise goodwin


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