Bills sign Mike Tolbert to a 1-year deal

The Buffalo Bills added yet another fullback to their roster on Wednesday as they signed Mike Tolbert to a 1-year/$1 million deal. Tolbert is a 3-time pro bowler and he was recently released by the Panthers. Tolbert might have gotten more money as a starting fullback on another team, but his familiarity with new Bills head coach Sean McDermott is probably why he signed with Buffalo. This is kind of a weird signing for Buffalo considering that they just signed Patrick DiMarco to be their starting fullback. However, the Bills will likely convert Tolbert to a running back and probably use him in short-yardage situations. $1 million isn’t much to pay him, yet I don’t believe that Tolbert will play much for the Bills. Overall, Tolbert could have had a better opportunity elsewhere and I’m not quite sure why Buffalo would even sign him if he’s not going to play much anyway. I could always be proven wrong, although this appears to be a bad signing right now.

Grade: C-

mike tolbert


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