Bills sign DiMarco to a 4-year deal

The Buffalo Bills are clearly looking to boost their running game for next season as they signed former Falcons fullback Patrick DiMarco to a 4-year/$8.5 million deal. DiMarco won’t provide much as a receiver and he only has 1 career carry in the NFL. However, DiMarco is a valuable player because of his blocking abilities. DiMarco is one of the top fullbacks in the NFL because of his ability to block linebackers and create holes in the running game. The Bills have great running back LeSean McCoy, but McCoy isn’t big enough to break tackles and get much extra yardage. That is why DiMarco is going to play a major role in the Bills running game. DiMarco is capable of creating running lanes so that McCoy can have the open space necessary to gain extra yards. DiMarco isn’t getting paid much, but this signing hurts Atlanta while it should make a big impact on the Bills offense.

Grade: B+

patrick dimarco


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