Brandon Marshall signs with the Giants

Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall was just released by the New York Jets last week, but it turns out he won’t be leaving New York after all. Marshall signed a 2-year/$12 million contract with the Giants on Wednesday as he will be the team’s number 2 wide receiver. Marshall is getting older, but he is still a very good 2nd option for the Giants in the passing game. Marshall had a down season by his standards as he had 788 yards and 59 receptions, but there is no doubt that he makes the Giants offense much more dangerous. Odell Beckham Jr. is still the top target for the Giants, but Marshall gives them a very reliable player to take some off the pressure off Beckham. Also, this signing is a very good bargain since Marshall could be a number 1 target on another team, but $6 million isn’t much money to have to pay him. Eli Manning will be the first quality quarterback that Marshall has played with in his career, so expect Marshall’s numbers to skyrocket from last season. The Giants passing game was already very good, but with the duo of Marshall and Beckham Jr. then they will be even better next season.

Grade: A

brandon marshall


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