Jets release Brandon Marshall

So much for wide receiver Brandon Marshall spending the rest of his career with the New York Jets as the team granted his request to be released. Marshall had a poor season by his standards as he only had 788 yards on 59 catches in 2016. It is amazing that Marshall has been able to put up over 12,000 receiving yards in his career despite never having a good quarterback to throw the ball to him. Marshall has never even made the playoffs in his career so far and now that he is finally a free agent then he will likely join a contender. The Jets were a dysfunctional offense last season, but without Marshall then they don’t really have a reliable number 1 receiver anymore. Not to mention, the Jets have a major question mark at the quarterback position, so it appears that they will need running back Matt Forte to return to his pro-bowl caliber level of play if this offense even wants to be average. I don’t blame Marshall for wanting to leave the Jets since he is 32 years old and he wants to at least make the playoffs in order to improve his legacy. Don’t be shocked if he takes a bargain deal to join a team like the Patriots just so that he has the chance to be on a good team for once in his career. This move will certainly hurt the Jets, but they did the right thing by allowing Marshall to join a contender for the 2017 season.

brandon marshall



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