49ers fire head coach Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly won’t be able to lead a rebuild of the 49ers as he has been fired after going 2-14 with San Francisco in his one season with the team. Kelly was hired this past offseason to replace Jim Tomsula who also was fired after one season. The 49ers weren’t expected to be a playoff team this season, but they also weren’t expected to play as poorly as they did. One of the reasons that Kelly was hired was to improve the 49ers offense and get the most out of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. However, Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert weren’t good when they had their opportunities to play. The 49ers were the worst passing team in the league with Chip Kelly, although they did run the ball pretty well. I thought that it was a mistake to hire Chip Kelly in the first place and they ended up being worse than they were under Tomsula. San Francisco will have to have better play at the quarterback position and they have to find more talent for their roster if they want to compete soon. It is kind of a surprise that the 49ers are firing Kelly after just one season, but I guess it was also a surprise as to how terrible the 49ers played under Kelly.


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