Ryan Lindley failed the Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals started out the season 9-1 and they looked like they were well on their way to capture the top seed in the NFC. However, injuries caught up to them in the end as they lost Carson Palmer to a season-ending injury and November and backup quarterback Drew Stanton was injured late in the season as well. Arizona fell to finished the season 2-4 down the stretch and they ended up as the 5th seed in the NFC while relying on 3rd-string quarterback Ryan Lindley to get the job done. Lindley costed the the Cardinals in the end as he lost all 3 games that he started including a 27-14 loss to the Panthers in the wild card round. Arizona was a playoff team because they had a great defense and decent quarterback play throughout the season, but Lindley was just awful for the Cardinals in the final games of the season. He threw 6 interceptions and only 3 touchdowns in his three starts and he proved why he was a late round pick in the 2012 draft. I think that the Cardinals could have at least won one playoff game if they even had backup quarterback Drew Stanton playing, but Lindley spoiled a possible deep playoff run for Arizona because he performed so terribly. Arizona figures to be a contender again in 2015 and it would probably be smart to not even have Lindley on the roster next season because he has yet to prove that he can be effective at the NFL level. It was certainly a tough end to the season for Lindley and the Cardinals against the Panthers, but at least they proved what type of team they can be when all of the pieces are in place.ryan lindley


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